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This is more a post series on Caribbean cruises.  We’ve been here the Majesty of the Seas Royal Caribean and the Monarch of Pullmantur. This time we will give tips to the Divine of the MSC.

Ship MSC Divine

Ship MSC photo disclosure Divine

The big difference from this cruise in relation to others we’ve done is that it has 3 stops and 3 days of navigation. With this we have more time to enjoy the ship.

The MSC is an Italian ship and Divine has 333.30 m 37.92 meters wide. 1350 are crew members.

See more: Photo Gallery of Divine Ship of MSC.


Unlike other Cruises where we were in a group of friends this time we were just me and Rachel. But that doesn’t let the trip less exciting, quite the contrary, it was a new experience. The trip was a kind of farewell because we knew so early we would have an opportunity to travel and enjoy just the two of us because Raquel was pregnant with a little more than 4 months (18 weeks). We would like also to make the baby’s outfit after the cruise but that is for another post.

We arrived in Florida with three days notice. We were without a car during this period and so we prefer hosting in Miami Beach due to ease of entertainment that can be made on foot. We use the Uber out of the airport to the hotel. It was a journey of 20 km in 29 minutes and cost $19.21.

On the day of departure we follow towards the port and again we use the Uber. Were 11.6 km in 22 minutes at a cost of $11.94.

The check-in counter

The appointment in our boarding card to the check-in was the 2:00 pm but we arrived at the port around 12:20 h. With less than 10 minutes have passed through security and headed to the check-in counter. The Conference documents process lasted less than 15 minutes and the 12:45 were already inside the ship.

Our first impression was that the ship was larger than the others that I already knew and actually the ship was huge. We feel a little lost at first because it was very different from what we were used to. Another thing we noticed was that the air conditioning was very strong. We went straight to look for our booth to save the handbags. It took us a while to find our room but after a while you get used to it. The room was already released.

After leaving things in the bedroom we went looking for the restaurant. Again it was a bit tricky to find but it was only a matter of time until used.

We were walking through the ship to meet each deck until it announced the simulation exercise which is required. He was held the 5:00 pm and it took less than 20 minutes. Our rendezvous point was inside the Casino (we don’t get outside sunbathing).

Emergency Simulation-Training required

Emergency Simulation-Training required

We enjoyed the rest of the day near the pool area until the 7:00 pm the ship left sailing towards San Juan. The night we watched a show at the theatre and then had dinner.

All other days were very similar. In the morning a reinforced coffee, after a rest near the pool area. Ice cream cone, pizza, Hamburger, French fries, snacks all day. In the days of standing down to see the city. The night we watched the show in the theater and then we headed to dinner a la carte. After dinner always had a party or any event like karaoke or live music.

The trip was excellent. Seven days very well spent. In addition to Miami and the Bahamas that have had the opportunity to visit Puerto Rico and Turks and Caicos.

After the cruise we took a car and head to Orlando for the West coast of Florida. It was a screenplay a little different but also very cool. Again this will be a story that we will post future 1 1.

Cruise itinerary

  • Day 1: Miami, United States
  • Day 2: navigation
  • Day 3: navigation
  • Day 4: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Day 5: Great Turkish Island, Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Day 6: navigation
  • Day 7: Nassau, Bahamas

What is included in the cruise?

  • gourmet buffet service (open 8:00 pm daily);
  • dinner in a la carte restaurant (available in two shifts);
  • ice cream machine (cone) self-service;
  • water, juice (not natural) and iced tea (8:00 pm daily)
  • coffee (morning and afternoon)
  • Theater Broadway-style shows (available in two shifts);
  • sports infrastructure (Power Walking, basketball, indoor soccer, ping-pong, Foosball);
  • Fitness Center;
  • live music;
  • participation in all entertainment events (competitions, parties, dance lessons, calisthenics, karaoke)
  • entertainment for children (Mini Club, Juniors Club, video games);
  • access to the water park (swimming pools, hydromassages, and waterslide);
  • access to the library.

What’s not included?

Are paid the part:

  • alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and mineral water (see the packages and values here);
  • some restaurants, ice cream parlors and coffee shops;
  • internet access (see the packages available here);
  • SPA;
  • access to Spa area-sauna, steam room and relaxation room (pass $29.00 journal, daily pass for two people $39.00, $89.00 cruise pass, pass the cruise for two people $119.00);
  • access to the Solarium (seat which is in the upper part of the ship)
  • photography services (Revelation);
  • laundry room (20 items for $30.00, 40 items for $50.00)
  • F1 simulator ($ 9.90 1 race 3 laps)
  • Cinema 4 d ($ 8.00 for adults and $6.00 children under 13 years);
  • Mini bowling ($ 8.00 per person);
  • arcades (several values);
  • bingo games ($10 for 1 card, $20 with 3 cards and $35 with 6 cards-$25.000 award);

Paying $60.00 per stateroom in the package “all you can enjoy” you and all the cabin can play on every track of the F1 simulator, watch the 5 experiences of Cinema 4 d as many times as they want and play the mini unlimited bowling.

Tips for travel, clothes and night costume

The day to day inside the ship is very informal, bring light clothes, sports and casual attire. Swimwear and slippers.

In restaurants you can’t get in without a shirt or barefoot. During the night outside is cold, light jackets and sweaters of cold if you want to be walking around out there.

For gala evenings the captain presents the crew and the ship. Recommend a more formal clothes, a tuxedo, a dark suit/formal dress or party dress (but is not required).

Take party costumes, shoes, sneakers and clothes for white parties and of years 70.

What not to bring

It is not permitted to take alcoholic beverages, firearms, sharp objects, iron clothes, hair curling irons, food or drink.

You don’t have to get pool towels and hair dryers because they are available in all cabins.


The sockets have the North American standard of two pins, so take an adapter so you can plug in their equipment.

Arriving at the port of Miami

When you arrive at the Port terminal search informed on your e-ticket. (In our case it was the F terminal).

F terminal of the port of Miami

F terminal of the port of Miami

TIP: when you arrive at the terminal the employee will take your bag to take to the dispatch area. They will charge you for that tip (on average about $5.00 us dollars). If you do not want to pay now notify the employee before he gets to your suitcase. You can take her to the carts that are within a few meters there.

Before dispatching the bags attach labels (printed together with your e-ticket) in all of them so that employees can locate and deliver them in front of your cabin.

NOTE: in the port of Miami has free Wi-fi.


First of all it is mandatory that is already with the form of shipment (e-Ticket). This form is sent a few days before the start of your cruise. You can fill it online until 3 days before the cruise. To order your voucher/e − ticket between at − Form.aspx. If you do not receive contact MSC.

When entering the terminal you will have to go through security control to go through x-ray. Any item that can offer against the security risk will be confiscated.

For boarding is necessary beyond the boarding form, submit the original and passport with validity of at least 6 months beyond the American visa. For minors consult all documents on the MSC Web site.

For pregnant women it is necessary to present a medical certificate confirming the training course and health conditions to perform the cruise. Is only allowed to Board with up to a maximum of 24 weeks. Raquel was with 18 weeks and have not asked for anything (maybe because the pregnancy wasn’t so apparent). If the pregnant woman has more than 24 weeks gestation to the end of cruise or in the absence of the certificate with the information, the company may deny boarding.

The Conference of documents is very fast. They will take a picture to verify your identity when entering and leaving the ship.

In a few minutes they print your data in the “Cruise Card” (cruise). On the ship, the drinks, the SPA, the excursions, everything is paid with this card. At the end of the cruise you hit everything. You can pay by credit card, debit card or cash.

Cruize Card-MSC-Divine

MSC Cruise card-Divine

You will also need the Cruise Card to enter and exit the ship.

The card will also information such as the name of the restaurant and time for dinner.

You can embark up to 2 hours prior to the time the vessel but recommend reach 4:00 before departure.

TIP: you can arrive earlier than the check-in hours are marked on your e-ticket. So you’ll have even more time to enjoy the ship. As we said earlier, our schedule was the 2:00 pm but the 12:45 were already inside the ship.

The bags

The checked baggage is placed in front of the cabin. Can take to put her there. Take on handbag the bathing suits, flip-flops and other parts that you want to use until the arrival of the luggage in the cabin.

Suitcase in the hallway

Suitcase in the hallway

Take in hand luggage objects considered fragile, personal and/or valuable (jewelry, electronics, watch, money, travel documents, strollers, backpacks, medicines, diapers etc.). All cabins have a safe.


There are 3 types of cabins. Without internal, external window with Windows and suites with balconies.

We haven’t had the opportunity to experience the suites but, obviously, are the largest and best cabins. We’ve been in outer cabin with Windows and the main advantage in our opinion is able to view the morning the ship arriving at the port.

This time we opted to stay in the inner cabin because they are much cheaper and the fact you do not have Windows is not a problem. We spent most of the time in other areas of the ship and frankly doesn’t make much lack. As for the size of it, that was the biggest that we of all the cruises we did. The closet space is enough to keep the clothes and bags without leaving anything spread along the way.

Internal cabin-MSC Divine Internal cabin-MSC Divine Internal cabin bathroom-MSC Divine

All cabins have TV, safe, hair-dryer, towels for bathing and swimming pool are changed several times a day and lifejacket.

Smoking is not permitted in the cabin or on the balconies.

TIP: all days are left in the cabin the leaflet with the program of the day. This booklet has information, weather, important information about the landing in ports, the entertainment highlights of the day, the opening hours for all services on board, the activities of the day and the location and schedule of live music on board.


The drinks are charged. The prices below are November 2016.

The Heineken Beer of 7 oz (207ml) costs $2.90 and 14 oz (414) $5.25. Package “draft beer package” with 14 cups (14 oz) for $59.00.

16 oz beer bottles (473ml) Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Sam Adams, Blue Moon, Yuengling Lager, Beck’s, Heineken, Corona, Corona Light, Dos Equis, Red Strip, eroni Nastro Azzurro and Stella Artois for $5.50. (15 oz) bottles of Guinness Draught and Boddingtons Pub for $6.00 and bottles (12 oz) of Newcastle Brown Ale and Pilsner Urquell for $6.00. Root beer (12 oz) Doul’s and Buckler for $4.75.

The wines are in the range of $6.75 to $12.50 a bowl and $30 the $56 the bottle. Package “your choise wine package” 7 bottles/$160 or 10 by $220.

7 oz juice glasses for $2.10 and 7 oz bottles for $3.25.

17 oz mineral water $1.75 to $2.75 and 34oz of $3.75 to $4.75. TIP: the water is free but despite not being able to fill bottles we saw several people doing this.

12 oz can of soda for $2.60 and 16 oz Cup for $2.10. Package “soda package”, 15 cans for $30.00.

Package “doremi package”, 10 milk shakes, beats, non alcoholic cocktails, sodas or fruit juices for $31.00.

In Italian Caffetteria coffees are in the range of $2.25 to $3.50.

There is also the “more for less escape pass” $84.00 that gives you 18 vouchers which you can use for cocktails up to $8.00, glasses of wine up to $7.50, $5.50 up beers and non alcoholic cocktails, energy shocks, soft drinks, fruit juices , premium mineral water, premium tea, hot chocolate, ice cream cone or Cup.

Power supply

The power supply is included in the package. Various meals are served during the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). Is also included water, juice (which is not natural) and iced tea. For dinner in the à la carte restaurant must comply with the schedule that is marked on your boarding pass (which is chosen at the time of purchase of the cruise). It is possible to talk with the Chief of the waiters and change the time if you do not like. The table is shared with other people. Next to us there was only Brazilians.

Dinner in the buffet restaurant is free of timetables. Depending on the time usually give a line, especially where the meats are served. The pizza is very good and is served almost all day.


At the port of Miami for free Wi-fi connection and it works fine. In some points of San Juan can internet. Turks and Caicos Islands and the Bahamas no remember seen wi-fi spots at the port but I don’t think we can connect.

On the ship the connection is paid. There are 3 types of packages to suit different uses and numbers of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). Prices vary per package and option to buy only for a day or for the entire duration of the cruise.

What we found with the best cost benefit was the “Social” package which cost $19.90 for the duration of the cruise.

See the description of each package:

  • Social: 1 access device. Only works the chat applications and social networks-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, Pinterest, VK, Odnoklassniki, Sinaweibo, Qzone and Line. You can post pictures, but audio and video are not available. $19.90 for cruise or $6.90 per day.
  • Surfer: access for up to 2 devices for social networks, chat applications, email and browse the web with medium priority in the band. 170 Mb limit per day/800 MBs for cruise. You can post pictures, but audio and video are not available. $44.90 per cruise or $14.90 per day
  • Streamer: internet access for up to 4 devices, including audio and video, with high priority in the band. 340 Mb limit per day/1.5 GB per cruise. $79.90 for cruise or $29.90 a day.

Nocturnal Attractions

  • Day 1: Welcome aboard-this day a presentation the 8:00 pm of the show “The Voices”, a musical with songs. The presentation lasts less than 30 minutes and so meets the two dinner shifts that are the 6:00 pm and 20:30 h. The 10:30 pm has the Welcome Party Dance Party at the Club.
  • Day 2: Gala cocktail. On this day we have the opportunity to take a picture with the captain. Before starting the show at the theater Commander presents the officers and heads of Department. Highlight that the Commander is married to a brazilian and speak very good Portuguese. In fact, in the presentation he repeated in several languages various information about the nautical crew. Speaking in Portuguese he mentioned other things like love Brazil making references to songs like “My Brazilian Brazil”.
    Gala evening-MSC-Divine

    Gala evening

    After the presentations have the show “The Amazing Mask”, a tribute to the character of the film mask. The presentation more the spectacle last 1:00. The rest of the night is dedicated to dance and has up to a competition.

  • Day 3: Italian Night-the suit suggested for the night are clothes in the colors green, white and red. The show of the night is the “Italian Classics”, a presentation of some of the most famous Italian songs. At the end of the night a game MSC Little Italy.

    Italian Night-MSC-Divine

    Italian Night

  • Day 4: White night-Show “The Witches of Paris”, French songs with international acts and a dynamic and acrobatic cancan finale. At the end of the night the party White Party.

    Show The Witches of Paris-Pantheon-MSC Divine Theatre

    The Witches of Paris Show

  • Day 5: Years 70-80-the show of the night is “The Show Must Go On“, a special tribute to the unforgettable songs of Queen. At the end of the night the party “Flower Glory Party”, a trip back to the years 70 and 80.
  • Day 6: Gala evening-the show that day is the “Treasure Island”, where Captain Bog recounts the story of brave pirates for your crew. At the end of the night the MSC Factor Live Karaoke.
  • Day 7: to end the night of shows we have the “Starwalker” a spectacular tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson (this is one of the best). At the end of the night the party “FarewellTropical Party”.


Venesiano-MSC Divine Casino

Venesiano-MSC Divine Casino

To promote the Casino in a few days they give credit $3 for free so you can play the slot machines. If you win something you take everything. But this is only at a specific time of the day. Stay tuned in the brochure of the day.


The tips on the ship are charged automatically. Are charged $12.00 per day and per person. We found absurd. When checking out please be advised that we didn’t want to give tips and immediately they were removed. We thought it best to give a lower value and only for those who attended us. In the case, delivered in hands and on the last day of a little cruise dollars for valet and waiter.


A day before landing are delivered in the cockpit colorful labels that must be fixed in all your bags. The bags must be left in front of the booth the night of the last day.

The color serves to identify the time and meeting point for the landing. In our case our label was the number 3 Brown and according to the form left in the cockpit had to be at the theater the 8:30 h. There were times against until the 10:30 h. If you need priority in landing should inform before.

All objects that were confiscated at the beginning of the cruise are available the day of landing at terminal security control.

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