Halloween (Halloween party)

Halloween or Halloween as it is known in Brazil, is a very popular celebration in some English speaking countries (Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland and especially the USA). He is celebrated on the day October 31, the eve of the religious holiday of all Saints Day.

Halloween decoration of the ship Majesty of the Seas

Halloween came between the Celtic people, who believed that on this day the spirits of the dead out of cemeteries to take possession of the bodies of the living. Besides spooks would arise to plague the animals and crops. To scare those ghosts, the Celts put in boxes, frightening objects such as skulls, cobwebs, gravestones, bones decorated, and one of the main symbols of Halloween, the pumpkin with human features illuminated with a candle.

Decorated Pumpkins for Halloween

Decoration for Halloween

The ancient custom was losing the religious sense and today is celebrated more as a joke and fun people.

Many people fantasize of monsters, ghosts and witches. There is a custom of the kids out knocking door to door saying "trick or treat" (trick or treat). Adults should give candy to them otherwise may have an unpleasant surprise, because they can preach any part.

We had the opportunity to enjoy some of that usual when we were in Miami at the end of October 2013. Many houses were decorated.

Halloween decoration-Miami

House decorated for Halloween-Nassau Garden decorated for Halloween-Miami


On the evening of 31 were on a Caribbean cruise and we were able to enjoy the Halloween party. In addition to the various monsters costumes people were using common fantasies of superheroes. The highlight of the party were the various gears made with fruits and foods in General.

Halloween party-Majesty of the Seas

Halloween party on the ship Majesty of the Seas

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