Taking a Beating with Ferule on the Heart Attack Grill

For those who go to Las Vegas can not let go on Fremont Street in downtown (Old Vegas). One of the “attractions” you will find is the Heart Attack Grill.

 Heart Attack Grill

The Heart Attack Grill is a specialized Fast Food in selling items where the higher the better calorie. The place is totally theme and the customer is treated as a patient. When you enter they put you a hospital gown and the waitress who serves you dress like a nurse. 

Heart Attack Grill - Roupa de HospitalHeart-Attack-Grill-01 Heart-Attack-Grill-02 Heart-Attack-Grill-03 Heart-Attack-Grill-04

Those over 350 pounds (158 kilos) does not pay to eat. Just step on the scale that is outside.

Snacks are huge so you better go empty bariga. They have the the most caloric snack of the world according to the Guinness Book. I fell into the temptation to order a double burger and additional BAcom to see if I survive. Look what I and Rachel had to face (each with its it can not divide).


And that’s the double, now imagine four times.

Besides all the decor of the place, one of the attractions and seeing the people getting caught. That’s it. “Nurses” Sepam to paddle on the ass of “patients” who do not eat the whole snack.

I had to eat everything but Rachel could not stand. Look what’s left of her.

I was supportive and I also decided to get her not to embarrass myself. For me the nurse had no pity not.

Well, I survived snack but almost had a heart attack when the bill came … Oh, and the place only accepts cash. You want to meet? The address on the account’s there.


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