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CocoCay is a private island of Royal Caribbean (company that makes world cruises). Its beaches are beautiful, typical of the Caribbean. The color of the sea is indescribable, it is calm, no waves and the water is warm and clear.

Aerial view of CocoCay-Berry Islands-Bahamas

Aerial view of CocoCay

CocoCay is located near Nassau in the Bahamas on a set of Islands named Berry Islands.  The island was originally called Little Stirrup Cay but after Royal Caribbean took over the lease of the island renamed as Coco Cay

Arrival of CocoCay Island-Bahamas-Royal Caribbean

Arrival on the island of CocoCay

The only way to visit CocoCay is through one of the cruises offered by the company. Most Royal Caribbean cruises pass by CocoCay. Check out the tips of the Cruise Ship Majesty of the Seas.

Arrival of CocoCay Bahamas

Entrance to the island of CocoCay

Because of the depth of the water around the island, ships stop a little away from the port. The rest of the route is done by smaller vessels leaving every 15 minutes. However this route is really fast.

Coco Cutter-CocoCay Bahamas-Royal-Caribbean

Coco Cutter out of the ship to the port of CocoCay

The island has an excellent infrastructure as in ships. There are chairs, sun loungers, hammocks, bathrooms … All well maintained and clean. And all colored in an atmosphere quite nice. Also features live music, food and drink.

The food on the island is released and there are bars everywhere which offer various types of drinks. The drinks are paid except for those who have purchased packages of drinks on the boat.

Lunch-CocoCay Bahamas-Royal-Caribbean-

Lunch being served

Lunch-CocoCay-Bahamas-Royal Caribbean

Lunch being served

Taking a find Cocoloco Beach Bar in CocoCay Bahamas

Taking a find Cocoloco beach bar in CocoCay

The island is small and it is possible to give a complete turn in less than an hour.

The return schedule for the ship varies depending on the chosen cruise.

What to do in CocoCay

The beaches

Praia da CocoCay Island-Bahamas

For those who just want to rest and admire the beauty of the place can simply relax in one of the 4 existing beaches on the island. The Snorkel Beach Water Sports, Beach, Coconut Willy’s Beach and Barefoot Beach, all with lifeguards.

Relaxing on a beach on the island of CocoCay Bahamas

Relaxing on the beach with a view of the ship Majesty of the Seas

As stated earlier the chairs, lounge chairs and networks are available all over the island and the use is free. To use the umbrella is need to rent for $ 20. However this is not necessary since there are several places with shadow.

Sun loungers on the beach of CocoCay Island-Bahamas

The beach sand is bright but is a little thick. For the wheelchair wheel chains are adapted so that they can walk more easily.

Wheelchair used in island of CocoCay

Wheelchair adapted to walk on the beach

Each beach has a feature. The Barefoot Beach is a quiet beach and away from the island, ideal for those who want to relax. For those who enjoy scuba diving and snorkel should pass on Snorkel Beach. The Snorkel Beach has several choirs and even rest of shipwrecks. Water Sports Beach as the name suggests is ideal for water sports. And finally the Coconut Willy’s Beach is ideal for children and is where the Aqua Park.


There are activities for every age but prepare the Pocket as everything is paid and the prices are right.

  • Wave Runner is a Jet Ski Ride of 1:0. You even fly the Jet Ski but the tour is done in Group (guided tour). Costs around $ 95 for Jet Ski. The guide showing you things and you know the whole coast.

    Wave Runner Jet Ski in CocoCay Bahamas-Royal-Caribbean

    Wave Runner

  • Kayak Adventure: kayaking for up to two people. More information.
  • Caylanas Aqua Park: is the floating playground for children. More information.
  • Parasail: is a ride where you get hung up on one wing (parasail) like a parachute and is pulled by a boat. the flight reaches 120 meters high where you can get a panoramic view of the island. More information.

    Parasail Adventure-CocoCay Bahamas

    Parasail Adventure

  • CocoCay Nature Walk: guided nature walk to a secluded beach. You can do the tour on their own without paying anything. More information.

    Nature Trail-CocoCay Bahamas-Royal Caribbean

    Entrance to the daughter

  • Floating Beach Mat: more information
  • Reef Snorkeling and Sandbar Party Boat: more information.
  • Water Slide: is a waterslide inflatable. You buy the pass for use during the whole day. More information.

    Waterslide (Water Slide) in CocoCay Bahamas

    Water Slide

  • Scuba Dive: diving-professional Equipment can be rented for certified divers. You need to show a diving record in the last two years. More information.
  • Snorkel: take a dip and see the beautiful coral reefs, colorful tropical fish and remains of shipwrecks.

Wreckage: Plane and Spanish galleon with cannon

There is a small plane submerged near the beach that you can view using only a snorkel. The plane was placed deliberately.

CocoCay-Plane Wreck-Underwater Sunken Airplane

Plane wreck in CocoCay picture http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=824122

CocoCay-Plane Wreck-Underwater Sunken Airplane

Plane wreck in CocoCay picture http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=824122

A red buoy marks a replica of a Spanish galleon wreck complete with cannons.

CocoCay-Shipwrecked Cachões

Fish are abundant in both shipwrecks because they are fed by officials of the cruise. Even if you lose the fish feed, they will swim up to you to check for food.

The Straw Market

The Straw Market

The Straw Market

The Straw Market-CocoCay Bahamas

Crafts in the market (The Straw Market) of CocoCay

The Straw Market-CocoCay

The Straw Market-CocoCay

Although there are no inhabitants on the island, there is a small business with several stalls selling beach items, crafts, souvenirs, clothes, etc.

 Map of CocoCay

CocoCay Bahamas-map-Royal Caribbean

Map of CocoCay

  1. Floating Mat Station
  2. Island Oasis
  3. Adventure Ocean
  4. Snorkel Shack
  5. First Aid
  6. Island Manager’s Office
  7. Wacky Seagull Bar
  8. Blackbeard d Grill
  9. Junkanoo Jacks Bar
  10. Hair Braiding
  11. Back to Ship Terminal
  12. Floating Mat Station
  13. Straw Market
  14. Parasail Adventure & Glass Bottom Boat Tours
  15. Bandstand
  16. Bahama Jack’s Bar and Grill
  17. Volleyball Courts
  18. Floating Mat Station & Water Sports Rentals
  19. Wave Jet Tour
  20. Wacky Seagull Jr.
  21. Nature Trail
  22. Fisher-Price Power Wheels ® Track
  23. Water Slide
  24. Caylana’s Aqua Park
  25. Coconut Willies Bar
  26. Kayak Adventure
  27. Floating Mat Station
  28. Eco Boat Tour
  29. Information Booth

More pictures of CocoCay

Coco Cutter moored at the entrance to the island of CocoCay

Coco Cutter moored at the entrance to the island of CocoCay

Lake-Cococay Bahamas


Sea-Blue-Cococay Bahamas Vista-the-Ship Cococay islandIsland-Oasis-Spa-Massage-CocoCay Bahamas-Royal-CaribbeanPower Wheels-Track-CocoCay Bahamas-Royal-Caribbean-SeaTrek-Orientatios-CocoCay Bahamas-Royal-Caribbean-Spa-Massage-CocoCay Bahamas-Royal-CaribbeanSnorkel-Shack-Spa-Massage-CocoCay Bahamas-Royal-Caribbean CocoCay Bahamas-Shower-Royal-Caribbean

How to get to CocoCay

As stated earlier, the only way to visit CocoCay is through one of the cruises offered by Royal Caribbean. Check out some of the ships that pass through there.

Ships that pass by CocoCay

Ship Majesty of the Seas

Ship Majesty of the Seas

  • Anthem Of The Seas

  • Enchantment Of The Seas
  • Freedom Of The Seas

  • Grandeur Of The Seas

  • Jewel Of The Seas

  • Majesty Of The Seas

  • Navigator Of The Seas

It’s worth getting off the ship?

For anyone who’s wondering if it’s worth getting off the ship to meet the island my tip is that is very worthwhile. The island is simply fantastic. Has all the infrastructure of the ship. Even if you don’t do any paid activities of the island you will have the opportunity to at least meet the beaches. So, why not?

The boats that lead to the island are moving throughout the day so you can get back to the ship on time you want.

For those who want to relax, well worth knowing.

And you? You know the island? Leave your comment talking about what you like best of CocoCay

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