Visiting the Hoover Dam (Hoover Dam)

For those looking to escape some of the big casinos in Las Vegas and a tip is to make a trip to the Grand Canyon West, in the State of Arizona and spend before the famous Hoover Dam that stands in the way.


The Hoover Dam or Hoover Dam (Hoover Dam) is a dam located between the States of Nevada and Arizona, in the United States, on the Colorado River.  The dam was built to supply water to the city of Las Vegas, which is in the middle of the desert. The Hoover Dam is considered the biggest project of the United States of America.

The distance between Vegas and the Hoover Dam is 48 km away and can be made in half an hour. It's all very well signposted, easy access and you can't lose.

Arriving at the dam you will find a covered parking but this is paid and costs $ 7. If you walk a little further you will find open and free parking.

The dam there is a Museum and a centre of tourism. In the guided tour you get off the elevator the equivalent of 24 floors to the turbines. Even if you don't get to see all the attractions, ida the dam is very worthwhile. Also has a cafeteria, restrooms and gift shop with souvenirs for sale.

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Free parking-Hoover Dam

Gazebo-Hoover Dam

Passing through the dam-Hoover Dam Colorado River-Hoover Dam Hoover DamColorado River-Hoover Dam Arizona Team-Hoover Dam Mike Callaghan ´ bridge-Pat Tiillman Memorial Bridge seen from the dam-Hoover DamMike Callaghan ´ bridge-Pat Tiillman Memorial Bridge seen from the dam-Hoover Dam  USA-Arizona-Hoover-Dam-09 USA-Arizona-Hoover-Dam-10 USA-Arizona-Hoover-Dam-11 Covered parking, cafeteria and gift shop-Hoover DamUSA-Arizona-Hoover-Dam-12


The dam was the scene of several famous movies such as Super Man and Turn. The latest "San Andreas", check out the trailer.

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