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Majesty of the Seas ® is a transatlantic ship from Royal Caribbean. Is a ship designed for short trips from 3 to 4 nights. In this post I will go over a few tips and experiences that had the cruise of 4 nights.
Ship Majesty of The Seas - Docked


We made the trip with a group of friends. We were six people, all first-timers.

We arrived in Florida with a day in advance.  As we were without a car we know the city on foot. We also use the subway, which has suspended due lines Miami to be on the same level. With that we were able to learn a piece of the city.

The next day we followed toward the harbor. On the way we were impressed with the beauty and size of vessels at anchor.

We boarded early to try to make the most of it. Too early because we have to wait to release the rooms. But that was no problem because we took advantage of this time to meet the Ship. Everything was gorgeous and wonderful.  The main Hall was huge.

Our trip was in late October, Halloween season and the ship was all decorated for such, including the food.

The trip was excellent. It was five days very well spent. In addition to Miami met Cococay and Nassau, Key West. I’ll discuss each one separately in future posts.

During the day we would walk the city and the night we ship. There were many attractions: Theatre, concerts, festivals … and also a lot of food.

We made new friends, we hang out a lot, and every day something different which made the trip unforgettable.

We love this trip and we indicate to all people through this wonderful experience.

See also the tips for other cruise we made, the Monarch of Pullmantur.


The cruise leaves Miami, Nassau, the Bahamas capital; Cococay, Royal Caribbean’s private island and Key West back then to Miami. There is also the option of 3 night cruise out of Miami and also passes only by Nassau and Cococay.

Tips for travel, clothes and night costume

The day to day inside the ship is very informal, bring light clothes, sports and casual attire. Swimwear and slippers. In restaurants you can’t get in without a shirt. During the night outside is cold, light jackets and sweaters of cold if you want to be walking around out there.

On the second day has the gala night and the captain presents the crew and the ship. Recommend a more formal outfit. If you want to save space in the trunk, do as I do, I went with the suit but didn’t take the jacket, or be just slacks and a shirt at all. Didn’t even tie. And I thought I was too. I think for men a pair of jeans and a shirt is enough. Those things will of each one. You can take a picture with the captain of the ship, but obviously you have to pay.

Captain of the Majesty of the Seas

Captain of the Majesty of the Seas

There is the option to rent the clothes but is not very cheap. Here are the prices.

For women I can’t say too much, but as always want to ride well packed so take a long gown.

For the tours will depend on what you want to do but overall it’s always the same, light clothes (shorts, t-shirt), bathing suits, sneakers and slippers. Nassau has a resort, the Atlantis (it later), which has water parks, diving options etc. .. In Cococay is practically Beach and Key West you have the option to walk on foot, so a shoe to walk will be good.


The sockets have the North American standard of two pins, so take an adapter so you can plug in their equipment.

Majesty of The Seas-Taken

What not to bring

You don’t have to take a hair dryer because it is available one in the bedroom. It is not allowed to bring drinks except for wine but with limitation of amount (see the Royal Caribbean site details).

Arriving at the port of Miami

Port of Miami

Port of Miami

From the airport

Recommend taking a taxi. From the airport we went to one of the taxi booths and as we were in six people called a Van. Cost $ 10.00 per person to go to Miami Beach. The nearest port is therefore the price should be the same or less.

The boat leaves the 4:30 pm but you need to come in early to check in and go through the x-ray. Don’t take a flight that arrives too late in Miami not to run the risk of not making it aboard. Boarding starts at 12:0.

From Miami Beach

We arrived in Florida a day before departure of the cruise because we feel more relaxed and less hectic. We stayed in Miami Beach and the next day we went to the port of Van hire through the hotel. Also cost $ 10.00 per person.


If you are by car, look for the address of the port of Miami: Dodge Island 1015 n. American Way Miami, FL 33132.  See more info here.

The parking fees are $ 20.00 per day for regular vehicles as reported on the website.


First tip super important, get there early so that you will get the most out of the ship and saves on lunch of the first day:-). Despite being marked for output the 16:30 h, 12:0 it is possible to embark.

Checking in-Lobby of boarding the Majesty of the Seas

Checking in-Lobby of boarding the Majesty of the Seas

Another tip, check in over the internet so that you avoid having to file documents on time. The online check-in is done at the site but is available only up to a maximum of 3 days before the departure date so don’t let pro final day. On the site you can fill the form of shipment and the authorization to Debit the Credit card if this is your choice of payment if you are consuming something or buy something on the ship. After fill in everything you print the confirmation call SetSail. Even doing the early check-in you will need to go through a queue where you will present the SetSail and will check its documentation and the credit card used to pay for their expenses on board. You will also need to fill out a form. After verification of the documents, you will be given a card called SeaPass. On the ship the drinks, the SPA, the walks, everything just gets paid with this card. On the island of Cococay drinks also are paid for with the card. At the end of the cruise you hit everything. You will also need the SeaPass card to enter and exit the ship.



After you deliver the card just go through the metal detectors and ready, take that picture with a professional photographer at the entrance and then think about whether it is worthwhile to get $ 20 for it.

Although it can enter the 12:0, lunch is only served from 12:30 and the cabins are released the 1:0 pm. Before ship out there for emergencies training required. Everyone should go to the deck informed on your SeaPass. During training explain basic things about putting on a vest, etc. .. We were in the Sun for a long time. 🙁

The bags

The luggage is placed in front of the cabin but before they are grouped in the central corridor of each floor. As it turned out, we got them right there.




There are 3 types of cabins on the Majesty of the Seas. Without internal, external window with Windows and suites with balconies. We stayed in the cabin with external window. The booth is small but has everything you need, except the refrigerator.  The cabins have safes that can be used free of charge. Also has a hairdryer.


The refrigerant is paid, you must buy a beverage package for 4 days. Costs around 30 dollars. This package includes a special Cup of Coca-Cola that activates the machine. For those who like a lot of soda worth pay separate units out much more expensive. Check the picture of the machine with all the available flavors. You can use the package on the island of Cococay and also in restaurants.

The ship has separate machines with water at will. The juice is also the will but although find lemon Combs, believe that they mix with artificial juice. Also have the option of tea.

Alcoholic beverages also exists a package but do not know how much it costs (sorry).

Power supply

The power supply is included in the package. Various meals are served during the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). Pizza and ice cream released. For dinner you must respect the timetable that is marked on your SeaPass card (which is chosen at the time of purchase of the cruise). It is possible to talk with the Chief of the waiters and change the time if you do not like. Did it even to put six people in a single table.


The internet on the ship is not released and it costs a fortune. At the port of Nassau has wi-fi but get a connection there is like winning the lottery. I’ve only been able to access anything in key West near the entrance of the port. At various points in the city of key West can you get a free Wi-Fi.

The Ship

1 deck-Medical Facility

On the first floor of the ship is located the inbound and outbound access and the Medical Center. The other parts are not accessible to guests.

2-Deck B deck

It has cabins that occupy the front and center of the ship. There are booths since the deck 2 until 10.

The bottom of the ship is not accessible to guests.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-02-Staterroms

3-Deck to deck

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-03-Cabins

The Center’s Gallery where they can purchase the photos that are taken throughout the cruise.

Across the gallery and downtown on the ship, living up to the name is the Centrum. The Centrum occupies 5 floors and has a stage for shows, shops, halls …

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-03-Centrum-03

Ahead is the main restaurant that occupies the decks 3 and 4. The restaurant serves dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu changes every day. Dinner is served in two shifts. You must observe the time of their shift on your SeaPass card.


Deck 4-Main Deck

On the front is the center of relations with customers. There you can find information about the tours and take other questions.

Customer relations Centre

In the Centre the Main Gangway which is the continuation of the Centrum, and the second floor of the main restaurant.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-03-Centrum-04

Main Gangway

Deck 5-Showtime Deck

Continuing the Centrum are the Boutiques, some luxury shops, souvenir and varieties.

Then comes the Schooner Bar, a bar decorated with nautical themes.

Further down the Casino Royale that has tables playing cards, Roulette, slot machines among others.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-06-Casino-03

Casino Royale

Finally the theater A Chorus Line. The theater occupies the decks 5, 6 and 7

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-05-06-07-Theater-to-Corus-01

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-05-06-07-Theater-to-Corus-02

Deck 6-Tween Deck

Has the continuation of Boutiques, Casino, Schooner Bar and Theater

7 deck-Promenade Deck

On deck 7 is located in the Conference Center and ballroom that features Boleros Latin décor. In the background is the continuation of the theater.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-07-Boleros Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-07-Boleros2

Mariner 8-deck Deck

As the deck 2 in 8, 9 and 10 decks at the front and center of the ship there are only cabins.

At the rear is the nightclub Spectrum.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-08-Spectrum-01Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-08-Spectrum-02

Deck 9-Commodore Deck

Deck 9 has a Gym and Spa

10 deck-Bridge Deck

Deck 10 has the Adventure Ocean which is an area for children and adolescents with educational activities.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck 10-Adventure-Ocean-01

Deck-11 Sun Deck

On the front is the Windjammer Café is the option for casual dining. Has several tables and buffets with pasta, omelets, bacon, salads, soups, sandwiches, sliced meat, fruits and various desserts. The view is very nice.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-11-Windjammer-Markplace-03

In the Center are the swimming pools and Jacuzzis

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-11-Pool-03

In the background is the Fuel, a club for teenagers.

In this area we also found the Challenge Video Arcade that has some video games.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-11-Video-Challenge-Arcade Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-11-Video-Challenge-Arcade-1

12-deck Compass Deck

Just above the Windjammer Café is located the Sorrentos, serving pizza all day.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck 12-Sorrentos

In the background is the climbing wall.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck 12-Wall-Of-Rock climbing

This deck also is located the area of sport that has a block used for basketball and volleyball games and a ping-pong table.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck 12-Block

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck 12-Pinp-Pong

And finally, at the highest point of the ship the Viking Crown Lounge. The Viking Crown has a unique bar with glass walls that give an overview of the ship.

Majesty Of The Seas-Deck-13-Vikink-Crows-05

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